Frequently Asked Questions

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Purchases & Refunds

We are currently in our BETA phase and will not be accepting monetary transactions. You will be notified when we are ready to transfer out of BETA phase and will notify you if you will be interested in becoming an official member.
During BETA there will be no refunds since the service is free. Once BETA phase is over, refunds for paying members will only be refunded if membership is canceled within 7 days from purchase.
Feel free to email to see if we have any "secret" promotional offers available.

Logging Courses

First, you must be logged into your account for LiftNest to log all your activity on the site. The system is designed to track each video that you COMPLETE and honor you with LiftNest points. The amount of points earned per video varies.
You can email us at and request for us to remove you from our email lists.

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