Our Story

From Co-Founder Genaro Arroyo:
A while back after I purchased my home I quickly realized the constant need to maintain and repair areas around my house. So like everyone else, I went online to find some How-To videos that can help with my home projects. While some were decent, most were not very helpful. Most videos try to show you quick steps on how to repair or renovate but do not show you the complete process. Last time I checked, it takes longer than a 5-minute video to replace a faucet.
I wanted to get educated on what I am doing and to be able to find videos that can cater to my specific situation.

Hence the idea for LiftNest was born.

I reached out to one of my friends, Peter Marr, who is a professional contractor and pitched the idea. He loved it and we soon began to design how LiftNest will be different from every other How-To video online.

With LiftNest you won't just complete your project, you will also learn to become your own personal in-home contractor.

Meet Our Team

Dedicated team to help with all your home repair needs

Genaro Arroyo Headshot v2

Genaro Arroyo

Co-Founder and CEO
Peter Marr Headshot

Peter Marr

Co-Founder and CPO